A FREE BlackBerry GPS Golf Application

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For most reacent support plesae visit the How Far Am I? Facebook page!

  • This application DOES NOT WORK WITH Verizon 8330, 8130 or 8330.
    1. In order to get this applicatin to work with the above devices on Verizon you will require a external Bluetooth GPS receiver.

  • How to Download courses on the SD/BlackBerry device memory.
    1. I created a How to Doc with screen shots to show you how you can do this.
      How To Place XML Files on the SD card / Device Memrory.
      A Microsoft Word version can also be downloaded.

    2. How To Map Out A Golf Course with BBGPSGolf web site In this video I show you how to start to map out a golf course so that you can use it with BBGPSGolf and the other applications that use my GPS database. I only do the first 2 holes but it is very simple. Try it yourself at www.bbgpsgolf.com
      1. print("\n");

    3. How To Set the TCP Information Here is a Video that will show you how to set your APN information.

    4. How to Download BBGPSGolf Optino 1 Here is a Video that will show you how to download BBGPSGolf via the BBGPSGolf web site.

    5. How to Download BBGPSGolf Optino 2 Here is a Video that will show you how to download BBGPSGolf via the direct link to the jad file.

    6. How to Download and install BBGPSGolf with Desktop Manager Here is a Video that will show you how to download and install BBGPSGolf with BlackBerry Desktop Manger.

      1. Note: this is old! Would you be able to provide me with instructions on how to map out a golf course?
        1. I have created a Video How to map out a course from your computer: How to Add a Golf Course to the Database. Please note you can also create a golf course on your handheld while you play (added in version 1.0.5).

      2. I get "This application requires the following module, which is not installed: net_rim_xml_org"
        1. You need to be running 4.3 HH code or higher because I use the XML APIs that are included in the 4.3 hh code.

      3. I get "GPS is not supported, that sucks! Try to Enable it?"
        1. Your handheld does not have GPS, or it is not enabled, or it is disabled via IT Policy. You should be using a 8820, 8330 or 8130. Maybe more that I' missing that have GPS. If you do then try to enable it within your options. If that does not work then contact your BESAdmin to see if it is disabled via IT Policy.

      4. I get "Failed to instantiate the LocationProvider object. That sucks!"
        1. If failed for some reason I dont know. It failed while trying to do GPS stuff.

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Donations are an excellent way to get new features and bugs fixed added to the application. I started building this application for fun and would like to keep it free. Income generated by the banner ads is not always enough to cover the cost of maintaining the site, so donations help in a big way. Please consider making a donation or just click on one of the banner ads to help out. Thanks!


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